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Thread: Creed Humphrey

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    Creed Humphrey

    Creed Humphrey is the consensus #1 Center prospect in the 2021 NFL draft. These are some film breakdowns and game highlights of why. I think Humphrey may be off the draft board by pick 55(Steelers 2nd round) but I'm still unsure if he's worthy of the 24th overall pick. You guys judge for yourselves:

    This one is just an overview of Humphrey's technique and highlights hands and feet:

    This breakdown features Humphrey's ability to get to his 2nd level blocks, and pass off/blitz pickup ability:

    Maybe the best breakdown of his skills is in this video. Humprey's is considered the best pure Center in this draft and this shows exactly why:

    As I said before, I'm not 100% sure this is the player/position the Steelers should take at 24th overall, but these videos make a strong argument for why not.

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    Re: Creed Humphrey

    I agree.

    Colbert will sign “someone” (because, he doesn’t go into drafts with gaping holes). That said, center will still be a sizable hole. They took Pouncey at 18 and DeCastro at 24. Ergo, I think it’s completely logical (and highly likely) that they take Creed at 24.

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