Name players that could/should be in consideration for the Steelers in the first round at 24. Maybe they will be there maybe they won't. Just puts names out there to make it easier for us to narrow down to the pick. Maybe.

QB - I'll just let the rest of you argue over this position.
RB - Najee Harris-Bama, Etienne-Clem - I don't want to go RB here but I wouldn't be completely mad at this pick.
WR - None of them, IMO.
OL - Darrisaw- VaTech(OT), Slater-Northwestern(OC), Mayfield-Mich(T/G), Vera-Tucker-USC(T/G), Leatherwood-Bama(T/G)
TE - Same as WR, I would not take a TE in the 1st.

DL - A pick here in the 1st would disappoint me greatly.
OLB - Another position that doesn't make sense in the first round this year since no player just jumps out as a Steelers OLB.
ILB - Parsons-PSU, Bolton-Mizzou, Collins-Tulsa, McGrone-Mich
CB - Surtain-Bama, Farley-VaTech, Samuel Jr-FSU
Safety - Hufanga-USC, Holland-Oregon

Hopefully not just another prospects thread. Trying to zero in on the prime candidates for the Steelers' first round selection.