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07-30-2016, 07:58 AM
Friday, July 29

It’s those three little words everyone wants to hear.

Football is back.

Day One of the 2016 Pittsburgh Steelers’ training camp, and their season, kicked off today. For a Day One, it was a pretty solid practice and like I said in the morning, the day, for me, was to really get a feel for where everyone was lining up.

So let’s hop into today’s notes. Hopefully I can read them.

– On the injury front, it seems like only Xavier Grimble was unable to finish practice. Mike Tomlin told the media he cramped up and is hopeful the intriguing tight end will be available tomorrow. Of course, we’ll monitor his status and let you know tomorrow afternoon.

– Ladarius Green and Shakim Phillips were the two PUP guys. They did some light work on the far field under the careful eye of a trainer. I don’t believe Devaunte Sigler got any reps in team drills, I don’t think NFI rules allow it anyway, but he did go through the stretch line with the team. The sooner he can get back out there, the better.

– Couple of Steelers paid homage to old faces today. Ben Roethlisberger began practice with a Heath Miller 83 jersey and Greg Warren wore Shaun Suisham’s #6.

– Saw a jersey I’ve never spotted before. A Sidney Crosby/Ben Roethlisberger “Crothlisberger” hybrid, worn by a fan sitting in the row of bleachers in front of me. The “8” was in Penguins’ block with the “7” in the Steelers. Pretty cool..............

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07-31-2016, 09:24 AM
Day 2 July 30

Training Camp Diary: Day Two

A little soggy, drying out as I type this, but a really fun day of practice. And hey, that’s all that matters. Like yesterday, with the team not in in full pads and no contact allowed, my goal was to look at the positions I missed yesterday and get a feel for the depth chart to start the preseason. Let’s not waste any time and get to the notes.

– Like Mike Tomlin said today, Shamarko Thomas missed with an illness. Xavier Grimble was back at practice and participated fully, an obviously excellent sign.

Shakim Phillips and Ladarius Green still did light work on the side. Devaunte Sigler did several sprints on the turf field, accompanied by trainer John Norwig, and then spent the rest of practice watching the DL go through individual work. It’s like watching everyone else eat cake at your birthday. Hopefully he’s back tomorrow.

– I think we have our new training camp BFFs. Demarcus Ayers and Sammie Coates were the first pair down St. Vincent’s stairs today.

– Cody Wallace and Alejandro Villanueva soon followed. Alan Faneca spent a good portion before practice talking to the backup linemen. Fancea will serve as an assistant for the team throughout camp.

– Mike Munchak’s assistant Shaun Sarrett, well respected in that room, trotted down the stairs with the offensive line.

– Little shakeup in the offensive line today. Ryan Harris got the nod as the starting left tackle. The rest of the first team remained the same..........

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07-31-2016, 09:35 AM
My favorite line from Day 1:

Senquez Golson and Shamarko Thomas ran together warming up. Shark looks jacked, like always. Biceps bigger than my head. He blocked me on Twitter so also biceps he’d probably like to punch me with.

08-01-2016, 07:02 AM
Day 3 July 31

First day of pads and in a way, that signifies the first day of a true practice. Hot, spirited day so let’s hop into the notes.

***Just a heads up. If you want the TL;DR version where I highlight some of the good/bad players from the day, check near the bottom of the post***

– Ben Roethlisberger got a scheduled day off. It seemed at first as if Jarvis Jones and Vince Williams might be limited, Jones got a little banged up yesterday, but both participated fully. As Mike Tomlin noted, Roosevelt Nix and Steven Johnson left with undisclosed injuries. Nix had nothing visibly wrong with him – he wasn’t limping or holding an arm, nor were the trainers looking at any part of his body. So there could be some head-related issue. Tomlin also noted Xavier Grimble bowed out early due to the heat.

Shamarko Thomas returned to practice and participated fully today. Good news there.

Big injury of the day was Quinton Schooley, who failed to participate in any capacity. Had some sort of brace on his left leg. Not a good sign for the UDFA center...........

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08-02-2016, 05:24 AM
Day 4 August 1

Another muggy but eventful Day Four of camp. Let’s get right to the notes.

– Injury roundup. Some good news, some bad news. Xavier Grimble and Roosevelt Nix returned to practice and participated in full. Ben Roethlisberger returned from his day off.

Expected roster move shuffling. The Steelers signed center Valerian Ume-Ezeoke and running back Christian Powell, replacing Quinton Schooley (left leg) and Brandon Johnson (undisclosed). No surprise that Schooley was ushered out – injury looked pretty serious and the team was down to just 13 linemen.
Powell, a RB who was a UDFA by the team and cut out of rookie minicamp, participated in 11 on 11’s. Ume-Ezeoke did not. He jogged onto the field at 3:25, shook some coaches’ hands, and immediately jumped into the stretch line. Life in the NFL.

As Mike Tomlin indicated, Senquez Golson left on a cart today with a foot injury. I didn’t even see the injury happen so he must have been able to get off the field and to the cart under his own power. Sean Davis replaced him in the slot.

Jarvis Jones was sick and was not around today.

He also said Mandel Dixon and James Harrison got dinged up............

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08-04-2016, 05:47 AM
Day 5 Aug 3

Another really fun day of practice and so much to recap. So let’s not waste anymore time.

– Just the house-keeping, which you’ve probably already seen. Newly signed TE Jake Phillips will wear #49 and CB Kevin White is sporting #38.

– Injury roundup. Couple guys back, couple guys out. Jarvis Jones and James Harrison practiced in full today. Devaunte Sigler was removed from NFI and practiced in full, including reps in 11 on 11. Finally.

Ladarius Green, now flying solo with Sigler and Shakim Phillips gone, did some light work running and cutting today.

Stephon Tuitt and Bud Dupree were in shorts and didn’t do much of anything today. Dupree pulled around a piece of equipment for a little bit. Markus Wheaton dressed but barely participated, probably another “manage” day by Mike Tomlin. Artie Burns wore his uniform but no shoulder pads, sitting today out. He did sprints on the middle field throughout the day. Maybe a mental day of rest.

In-practice, couple of blips. Demarcus Ayers began by going through the punt return drill but curiously let one bounce two feet in front of him. He looked frustrated, walked back, and rolled his right ankle a couple times. With a bit of a limp, he bowed out of the return drill, chatted up Alan Faneca and Todd Haley before finally getting his ankle taped up by a trainer.....

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08-05-2016, 07:02 AM
Day 6 Aug 4

Another excellent day of camp. Honestly, each day has really been productive. Let’s get into the notes.

– Injury roundup. Not too terrible. Demarcus Ayers returned in full today after suffering a minor right ankle injury on Wednesday. Stephon Tuitt worked in full as well. Bud Dupree and Markus Wheaton continue to sit out, making it two days in a row, but both look ok.

Ryan Shazier was nowhere to be found today. Mike Tomlin wasn’t specific about the nature of his injury. Travis Feeney sat out with an unknown injury; if you read yesterday’s report, you know he was shaken up in one-on-ones. Artie Burns got work in one-on-ones and the first team drill before removing his shoulder pads and calling it a day.

During practice, David Johnson (leg), Xavier Grimble (leg), and Mike Mitchell (arm) seemed to get nicked up. Mitchell finished practice. It wouldn’t shock me to see Grimble held out of tomorrow’s practice, but we’ll see.................

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08-10-2016, 11:04 AM
Sorry about the gap...I've been out of town for a few days.

Day 10

The Detroit Lions were in town today for day one of joint practices with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Because the coaches agreed upon no contact, the intensity level was ramped down. That’s understandable, heck, a smart idea, but a little disappointing from us, the fan’s perspective. Not as spirited as the joint session with the Buffalo Bills two years ago. But let’s recap the day.

– Injury roundup. Travis Feeney was again held out with what is believed to be a thigh injury on his left leg. Artie Burns, Markus Wheaton, Marcus Gilbert, and Jarvis Jones all sat out. Ben Roethlisberger had an excused absence. Bud Dupree was in full pads today but I am not 100% sure of his participation level. Mike Tomlin apparently called it “partial.”

Cole Manhart participated in full so that’s great news for him after missing Sunday.

In-practice, Roy Philon hurt an ankle in one-on-ones. He was carted off. Jerald Hawkins apparently dinged his shoulder in OL/DL work and walked off next to a trainer..........

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