View Full Version : Pirates acquire Byrd, Buck from Mets

08-27-2013, 01:40 PM
In an effort to improve their anemic offense, the Pirates have acquired Mets outfielder Marlon Byrd and catcher John Buck, according to multiple reports. The deal was first reported by ESPN.

Byrd, who will turn 36 on Friday, is having one of the best seasons of his career, posting a .285 batting average and .518 slugging mark. The right-handed Byrd has 21 home runs this season.

Byrd is expected to fill the Pirates' offensive void in right field, where the club's combined output from right fielders has been at or near the bottom in run production all season.

Byrd is a free agent after the season. He signed a one-year deal for $700,000 this season.

The price to acquire Byrd was high as the Pirates gave up prized second base/shortstop prospect Dilson Herrera, according to CBSSports.com (http://cbssports.com/) The Pirates will also send a player to be named later to the Mets.

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08-27-2013, 02:19 PM
Sweet!!! Byrd should start ASAP. Buck provides good depth. Nice to see Huntington making moves

08-27-2013, 02:49 PM
Yep, a solid deal by NH. I approve. :thumbsup:

08-27-2013, 04:04 PM
He has a great jump shot.


And a wicked curve.


08-27-2013, 05:55 PM
Yep, a solid deal by NH. I approve. :thumbsup:

Whoa.... X-T approves of something the Pirates did?! :jawdrop2:

Just busting ya, buddy. I like the move too. Certainly can't be any worse than what the Pirates have now.

08-27-2013, 06:30 PM
Good move, but I wonder who the player to be named later is?

08-27-2013, 08:51 PM
I like it. Didn't mortgage the future and got a solid bat for the stretch run.

08-27-2013, 10:12 PM
Im happy with the pick up. Upgrading first base would be nice too.