Living in Cleveland, Ohio....I am constantly dealing with Browns fans.

I walk around in my Steelers gear, I have that right. I do have one anti-Cleveland shirt that I sometimes wear, but it's not as nearly as bad as some of the anti-Steelers stuff I see.

I generally keep my mouth shut. I don't go out into public looking for confrontations with people....don't want the hassle, especially with some of the crazy people out there....and I damn sure don't want to deal with the police. Getting arrested, especially over something as stupid as punching someone over sports, it's on my list of shit to do.

However, if someone says something to me, I am going to reply. I won't be bullied into becoming a Browns fan or not wearing my Steelers (or Pirates or Penguins gear) because some jagoff doesn't like it.

But Browns fans seem to enjoy being reminded about how bad their team is. And when I get provoked, something as small as walking up to me with a "Steelers suck" comment, I let these assholes have it.

Just today I have reminded Browns fans that choose to talk shit even though their team hasn't been relevant since the first year of the original Bush Presidency (1989), The Drive, The Fumble, Red-Right 88, The Move to Baltimore, The Comeback (Steelers 2002 playoff win), all of their first round busts since 1999, the fact that they've had 15 different quarterbacks start at least one game for them since 1999, the fact that the Steelers hold the edge in the all-time record between the two teams, Jim Brown is more known for beating women than his exploits on the football field, the Browns are one of few teams to have never been to the Super Bowl or host a Super Bowl, the last time the Browns won a World Championship the NFL didn't even hand out a trophy for winning it (1964, the Browns had to have their own trophy made to commemorate the championship), and that the Browns have had more head coaches since 1999 than the Steelers have had since 1969 (not counting interim head coaches, the Browns have had five head coaches since that time...the Steelers three since 1969).

Seriously, do Browns fans enjoy being reminded of this stuff?