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Thread: 2011 Pro Football Draft Guide.

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    2011 Pro Football Draft Guide.

    To anyone that is interested, I have put together a draft guide that is over 270 pages. It does not have player interviews or articles but here is what it does have:

    -Over 220 player profiles that are over 250 pages total.
    -Draft trade chart with an explanation.
    -7 Round Mock Draft
    -Top 300
    -Team Needs

    For those interested, it can be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

    Thanks for anyone interested.....

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    Re: 2011 Pro Football Draft Guide.

    A sample page would not hurt.

    How do you set your profiles???

    It pays to advertise a little.


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    Re: 2011 Pro Football Draft Guide.

    Here are two profiles of some players I would like to see become Steelers. The format in the book is different, but the information is the same.

    Name: Ras-I Dowling
    College: Virginia
    Height: 6013
    Weight: 198
    Arm Length: 31"
    Hand Size: 9 1/2"
    Position: Cornerback
    Position Rank: 4

    Combine (X) - Pro Day () Numbers
    40 Yard Dash: 4.40
    20 Yard Split: 2.53
    10 Yard Split: 1.47
    Bench Press Reps: 19
    Vertical Jump: 38"
    Broad Jump: 10'08"
    20 Yard Shuttle: 4.18
    3-Cone Drill: 6.85

    Stance: Dowling played left corner and could probably play corner on either side. He does not have the quick twitch change of direction to be suited for the inside as a slot corner. He is big, strong, and fits well out the outside.
    Diagnose of Play: He does a good job reading run and pass and does not appear to bite on run fakes. He plays pass first but is a willing run supporter.
    Run Support: He is willing to take on blockers, sheds them well, and makes plays in the run game. He is a stout run supporter, possibly the best in this draft.
    Evade Blocker: He does not evade many blockers, instead he is willing to take them on and set the edge, shed them and make the tackle. He is pretty impressive in his abilities at the point of attack.
    Tackling: Dowling is a solid tackler who uses good form. He will place his facemask in a runner's chest, wrap up and drive the guy to the ground. He will hit people and does not shy away from anyone.
    Closing Speed: He is a fluid guy that shows good long speed and can run with most wide receivers. He is very good in zone, plants and drives on shorter throws, and makes solid tackles.
    Range: He has good range, covers the short and intermediate in zones very well. He shows the ability to turn and run, covering wide receivers deep with no help over the top. He has all the tools a boundary corner needs.
    Reaction To Ball: On shorter routes, he plants and drives to the football, and closes well. On deeper throws, he gets his head around and judges the ball well in the air. He stays with his receivers even when quarterbacks buy time and has a nice break on the football.
    Hands: He has very good hands and ball skills. If he gets his hands on the football, it does not get away.
    Zone Coverage: He really has all the tools you look for in a zone corner. He shows a great feel for off zone coverage. He supports the run well. He plants and drives on shorter throws and makes solid tackles. He shows the ability to turn and run on deeper routes and stay with receivers.
    Man Coverage: He does not use his hands well when he is on the line of scrimmage, which is surprising because he shows the strength to be very effective at this. He can turn and run with most receivers and if he learns to use his away hand to jam guys, flip his hips open and keep contact, and run with receivers, he could be very good in man coverage. At this point, with his technique, he is good, not great.
    Blitzing: He does not blitz often, but has the speed and mentality to aggressively dive into the fray. If he has the timing needed to sell the blitz, he could potentially be excellent in this area.
    Special Teams: He is an excellent special teams player that should contribute immediately. He has the size, speed, and strength to be an excellent gunner.
    Conclusion: Dowling was hampered greatly by injuries his senior season but was highly touted coming in. He is one of the better zone corners in this draft and supports the run as well as any defensive back. He shows a lot of promise in man coverage. Dowling has all the tools to become an elite corner in the NFL.

    Name: Aldrick Robinson
    College: SMU
    Height: 5095
    Weight: 184
    Arm Length: 29 1/2"
    Hand Size: 8 3/4"
    Position: Wide Receiver
    Position Rank: 10

    Combine (X) - Pro Day () Numbers
    40 Yard Dash: 4.35
    20 Yard Split: 2.46
    10 Yard Split: 1.55
    Bench Press Reps: DNP
    Vertical Jump: 40"
    Broad Jump: 10'06"
    20 Yard Shuttle: 4.09
    3-Cone Drill: 6.65

    Stance: Robinson will line up in the slot and wide, but appears to line up on the left side only. In three games, he did not line up once on the right side.
    Initial Quickness: He has excellent burst off the ball. He will stutter on rare occasions, but still comes off quickly. He is excellent in and out of his breaks.
    Blocker: He is a willing blocker and will stay locked on with smaller corners. He may have trouble with bigger stronger NFL corners.
    Release: He has a nice stutter and dodge move and slides to the side wide, getting him away from most corners. He can create good distance with this move.
    React to Ball: He has excellent body control and tracks the football well. He will fight back to it and make huge plays in the passing game. He shows the ability to catch bad passes with ease.
    React to Traffic: He has no fear. He makes tough catches with defenders pulling on his jersey. He will fight back for shorter throws, go through the corner, and still make the catch. He plays big.
    Hands: He has excellent hands and plucks the ball out of the air. He is quick with his hands and smooth.
    Deep Threat: He chews up the cushion and gets on top of the corner quickly and then has the speed to stretch that distance. He is also a slick route runner and sets up the corners to get desired position. When the ball is in the air, he attacks it. He may be the best deep threat in the draft.
    Possession-Short: He runs quick routes, gets into his breaks well. He will work the outside and the inside. He is good after the catch. He does not drop many passes.
    Run After Catch: He shows the ability to stop on a dime and restart in a different direction quickly, evades tacklers and runs to daylight. Once he breaks containment, it is over.
    Additional Skills-Special Teams: He does not play as a returner on special teams.
    Conclusion: Robinson is an under-rated prospect by most. He is a smaller receiver that comes from an offensive system that can inflate his numbers, but he has exceptional athleticism and speed for the position. He shows great hands and toughness. He is a deep threat on every play. He is an elusive runner and plays fearless. He should make some NFL team look very smart.

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    Re: 2011 Pro Football Draft Guide.

    I have personally viewed TMC's Guide and it is very impressive and well done!


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    Re: 2011 Pro Football Draft Guide.

    Hey draftniks!!!

    I can personally tell you that this Guide has some very detailed information!!!!
    Very Well Done!!!!
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