Hello everyone, I just found this site while looking for official highlight films.
I went to Miami University when Ben was there so became a Steeler fan the day they drafted him.

Couple questions about highlight films if anyone else is interested in these:
Are they still making highlight films (about 30 minutes long with a narrator)?
I found a reference to one from the 2019 season titled 'A New Way to Win' but have never seen a copy of it for sale, assuming of course it is real but it sounds like a title they would use.
Does anyone know if they made highlight films for the following seasons and if so any info about them or where to watch/buy them?
Any from 1961-1968
The 1999 season highlight film is on Amazon but it only shows the front cover so I have no idea what it is called and am not paying $50 to find out.
Did they make one in 2010, the only video I could find was the Packers Road to XLV dvd set

I have titles for all the other years starting in 1969, own a few of them and found others posted online.

Thanks in advance to any info you might have.