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Thread: Munchak ??

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    Re: Munchak ??

    Quote Originally Posted by tube517 View Post
    They just hired Pat Myer didn't they? When did this conversation happen? I'm not listening to the broadcast.

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    Re: Munchak ??

    They talked when he was in Denver and not wanting to leave there, there’s been no recent conversations according to that interview.

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    Re: Munchak ??

    Quote Originally Posted by Mojouw View Post
    Shhh! Don't distract him with the facts. He's on his talking point roll. Between him and Steeldude's recent re-appearance, I almost have my Steelers Off-Season message board bingo card filled out.
    Speaking of BINGO cards I love Walmart BINGO:

    The first time I saw this I walked into a walmart and found "Frozen food sitting on a shelf by the towels" and just started laughing.

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