(The below was done because it was due to be satarized)

Have you ever wanted to be a sports journalist? Have you ever looked at the sports commentators and the people breaking sports related news? Have you ever wanted to make your own sports website and generate internet traffic? Well now you can with the new 6 hour sports journalism seminar. Here you will be trained by some of the most well-known sports journalism and commentators as they teach you how to get your name out there and get your page and twitter account clicks, visits and comments. In this seminar you will learn about various topics that will help you become a successful modern day sports journalist/analyst with classes such as "The Power of Anonymous Sources", "Breaking the News First", and "Catchy Headlines: The Keys to Generating Clicks and Views"

In this seminar you will take valuable lessons from a variety of big name sports personalities such as Ian Rappaport

Ian Rappaport: Remember it doesn't matter if it's true, what matters is that it's out there and people are clicking on and commenting on your tweet

Mark Madden

Mark Madden: Controversy generates attention, which generates clicks and views. Repeat after me

Mark Madden with the rest of the class: Controversy generates attention, which generates clicks and views

and other well-known names. Yes with this day long seminar at the cost of only $200, you will put yourself in a better position to get attention off of wild speculation and crazy headlines that may or not be actually true and bad takes that makes no sense.

Pete Prisco: Was Minkah Fitzpatrick one of the top safeties in the NFL in 2019? Of course he was, but by saying he wasn't and trying to explain why he wasn't I got more clicks, more comments, and I got myself on another video

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