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IMO... a lot. You can't discount what he has brought to the table. You may not agree with him, but he has made a viable argument about the wholesale cower in fear thing. I probably tend to agree with him more than I disagree. I think the welfare of the country/economy may very well be a bit more important than the total (OMG) response of the powers that be outlook on this. At what point is this worth destroying a vibrant economy? Discounting political beliefs. At what point do we deem acceptable the damage this inflicts on all of our financial well being?
Agree on the wholesale fear thing and the destruction of the economy part. That said, at what point do we stop though and agree this is bigger than WE can possibly know? Think about the major league sports plus NCAA that has not paused, but shut down. These owners are VERY rich people. They did not get rich by panic or being used as pawns in some political game. I THINK, they have been told enough of the truth to understand the gravity of this better than you and I or other posters on this board. Just on that point alone I see more of a threat than do you or SR apparently. I do not wish to debate or argue point for point because that leads to absolutely nothing, and one or both of us having to apologize, and Raiders and Steelers fans just don't do that. I say go see your girlfriend. Go to work as long as they allow it. Live life, just use the cautions and guidelines because there is more to come of this. This is not the apex.