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Thread: Sports "journalism" is a joke

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    Sports "journalism" is a joke

    Yes I understand journalism in a general is and has been a joke and that people here know this I just felt like posting against it. Sports journalism today is no longer about finding information or reporting the news, it's turned into posting the most attention grabbing headline for clicks an views and the internet has brought us numerous sites looking at just that. One of the most recent examples was the media fabricated speculation that Joe Burrow might/should pull an Eli and refuse to play for the Bengals even though he said prior that he would play for them just to generate articles that would generate clicks/traffic. Burrow of course went on to state plainly again, this time at the combine that he was playing for the team that drafted him. And that's just one example. Anyone remember Tom Brady to the Steelers? Anyway, I know everyone knows this, it's common knowledge, I just felt like speaking out against it

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    Re: Sports "journalism" is a joke

    Being first has become more important than being right.

    Our desire to know everything as fast as possible and for free has just decimated anything that was actually interested in reporting.

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