Well, at least Tomlin is open to the idea of a QB coach.

My timeline has been flooded with comments about how the next
Pittsburgh Steelers’ QB coach should be, provided they decide to fill the position with a full-time coach. Charlie Batch joined as a terrific guest on today’s Terrible Podcast and while he doesn’t believe the team has to hire one, if they want to, he’s not currently interested in the gig


Eight QB Coach Options For The Steelers

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers add a dedicated QB coach to its staff? Mike Tomlin seemed open to the idea during his end-of-year press conference. But it’s a tricky line to walk. Offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner and Ben Roethlisberger are joined at the hip. And Matt Symmes is the Fichtner-admitted “de facto” QB coach, working with the backups.
So who could fit? Here’s a list of names I’ve jotted down over the last week. It’s hard to find a perfect fit so for each name, I’ll list some pros and cons for each player. These are dart throws, obviously, but I wanted to offer names beyond just Charlie Batch or “hey, what’s Omar Jacobs up to these days?”