by Bryan DeArdo

These are the rookie seasons by which future individual rookie seasons will be measured

Baker Mayfield had an impressive rookie season in 2018, throwing for a rookie record 27 touchdown passes. Peyton Manning, two decades earlier, also enjoyed a banner rookie campaign, setting a then-rookie record for passing yards.

Despite their efforts, Mayfield and Manning failed to crack the list of the 20 best rookie seasons in NFL history. Here are the 20 players whose rookie seasons continue to be the standard by which all other rookie seasons are measured.

11. Ben Roethlisberger, 2004
Rookie Roethlisberger won each of his 13 starts, an NFL record. With Big Ben's help, the Steelers went 15-1 that season, a year after going 6-10.

6. Franco Harris, 1972
Harris' 10 rushing touchdowns and 5.6 yards per carry average helped the '72 Steelers capture their first-ever division title. His "Immaculate Reception" against the Raiders during the postseason gave the Steelers their first-ever playoff victory.

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Ben is the QB that is ranked the highest in this list..