It may have just been a preseason game Friday night at Heinz Field between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but man that was fun to watch.

Pittsburgh shook off a slow start and bounced back to pull away before hanging on late for a 30-28 win over Tampa Bay to open up the preseason at 1-0, not that the result really matters.

Like I do after every game, Iíll take a shot at grading the position groups. Itís important to remember that this is a preseason game and these are rapid reactions. There were a ton of moving parts Friday night, and the camera angles werenít great throughout the game, so if I donít give a take on a certain player at a specific position, like the offensive and defensive lines since itís really hard to get a feel from the TV few, please understand.

Letís try not to overreact one way or another based on one preseason game, and letís not panic over some of the penalty issues the Steelers had on the night. OK, now that thatís out of the way, letís get to the grades.

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