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Thread: 2018 South Side Questions: Best Offensive Performance Of Big Ben Era?

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    2018 South Side Questions: Best Offensive Performance Of Big Ben Era?

    Question: Was this the best offensive performance in the Ben Roethlisberger era?

    The Steelers put up 52 points last night against a presumably good Carolina Panthers team that was 6-2 heading into the game, a better record by half a game than Pittsburgh had. That was the most the team had scored since Ben Roethlisberger has been in the league—almost since he’s been alive, as the last time they’ve scored 52 was in 1984.

    For his part, he had a perfect game as passer rating goes, completing 22 of 25 pass attempts for 328 yards and throwing five touchdowns, each to a different receiver. Nobody had a 100-yard game on their own on the night, though Antonio Brown came close, and they scored from distance twice, as well as inside the red zone four times, three with goal to go.

    Of course seven of those 52 points were supplied by the defense on a pick six. But the team never punted while Roethlisberger was in the game, only settling for a field goal once. The only drives that didn’t end in a touchdown were the field goal drive and the drive at the end of the first half, which ended with a kneeldown. I’m sure Jordan Berry was pleased.

    Even with the numbers sliding under the Joshua Dobbs-led offense, the Steelers still averaged 7.9 yards per play on offense and did not turn the ball over. I believe they went seven for eight on third down while Roethlisberger was in the game, and they were perfect inside the red zone. They only allowed one sack.

    The offense really looked more invincible than at any other time I can really recall under Roethlisberger off the top of my head, and they have had some great games—games in which Roethlisberger has thrown for more than five touchdowns.

    That's a very good question

    The only other game that is close is the game against the Colts in 2014, but I think the games against the Panthers is our best.

    No turnover and with Ben, the steelers had no punt, 1 FG and the rest of our drives finished with a TD

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    Re: 2018 South Side Questions: Best Offensive Performance Of Big Ben Era?

    Numbers-wise, last night was Ben’s best game ever. If he had played the final two series (he should NOT have played those, but if he had) they absolutely would have put up 60+ on the Panthers. Ben’s only gaff was wasting the final 1:02 of the first half. They moved the ball 30 yards on two plays. Had they used their timeout (and the sidelines) they could have gotten 3 there. But, that’s like complaining about the radio in a Maserati.

    The two games that always stick out as Ben’s best were...

    -Super Bowl XLIII

    -Steelers @ Ravens when Ngata broke Ben’s nose. After the game, I remember the joke was “If Ben is going to play that well, we should break his nose at the beginning of every game.”

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    Re: 2018 South Side Questions: Best Offensive Performance Of Big Ben Era?

    The performance against the Colts in 2014 was pretty damn good as well.

    500+ yds....6 TDs... 150.6 rating

    (Didn't see PB's note at the end)

    Ben threw another 6 TDs against the Ratbirds the following week.

    He was in a real groove then and had AB, Bryant, Heath, and Leave'on. One of the few times they were all healthy and playing together.

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