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Thread: Conner: In Depth Look at Week 1

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    Conner: In Depth Look at Week 1

    A lot of positives coming out of game 1.

    I would also be interested to know what percentage of teams do not lose with our turnover differential?

    Maybe 5% to 10%?

    1. Closer look at Conner

    Like the man he is filling in for (replacing?),

    James Conner led the NFL in yards from scrimmage after his first NFL start.

    No player has more scrimmage yards per game since 2013 than Le’Veon Bell. But the NFL’s Next Gen Stats provide a deeper dive into Conner’s debut as a feature back during the 21-21 tie at Cleveland last week.

    That Conner amassed 135 rushing yards is impressive considering the Browns had eight men around the line of scrimmage on 16 of his 31 carries. Only four running backs in the NFL faced that more often in Week 1.

    What else stood out was Conner’s speed and patience.

    Only three players at any position had a play in which they carried the ball faster than the 21.03 mph Conner ran during his 22-yard touchdown run.

    Just eight of 33 qualifying NFL running backs had a better efficiency rating with their carries (3.53 yards traveled per yard gained).

    Conner seemed to emulate Bell’s patience: Just five running backs spent fewer than the 3.02 seconds, on average, Conner spent behind the line of scrimmage with the ball.

    2. Better debut?

    Like Conner, Bell also had two rushing touchdowns in his first NFL start. But Bell wasn’t nearly as productive — and the team result was worse (believe it or not, worse than tying Cleveland).

    It was Sept. 29, 2013, in London when a rookie second-round pick from Michigan State played his first meaningful pro game, reaching 57 rushing yards on 16 carries and adding two catches for 27 yards. But none of Bell’s carries went for longer than 11 yards, and the Steelers lost 34-27 against winless Minnesota to fall to 0-4.

    Bell wouldn’t get his first 100-yard game until his 12th start. He wouldn’t surpass Conner’s 135 rushing yards until his 15th start or Conner’s 192 yards from scrimmage until his 24th.

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    Re: Conner: In Depth Look at Week 1

    All this talk about Conner not being able to replace Bell reminds me of when people were saying AB was good but couldn't replace the pro bowler Wallace lol

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    Re: Conner: In Depth Look at Week 1

    I really like Conner as a player, and I said I believed he would be a very good, productive RB when he was drafted.

    With that said, I don't think it's fair to compare what Bell did as a rookie with that roster and OL, and compare it to what Conner is doing with this roster and OL. The roster was turning over and Bell was one of the reasons things got turned around.

    I do think the team will be just fine with James Conner as their running back. When the team can also use the money they are paying Bell to get more talent, it's a no-brainer going forward.

    How do you not love this kid?

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    Re: Conner: In Depth Look at Week 1

    Conner has improved as an NFL RB. He's not "Bell-level" yet. I agree keep cheering and encouraging him but let's not go over the top with it. 1 good game and counting.

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