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Thread: Steelers Find a Way to Use Matthew Thomas

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    Steelers Find a Way to Use Matthew Thomas

    I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up about Matthew Thomas being the next Ryan Shazier... but why not hope?

    He’s such an athlete the Steelers are using him as Gunner on special teams:

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    Re: Steelers Find a Way to Use Matthew Thomas

    Dude is a gifted athlete for sure, I think he got slept on in the draft big time. I think what killed him was when he got suspended for failing in school one year, but if you read into his story, his mom died that same year. That is not only rough on a young man, but any man.

    This kid will be a beast, he's not quite as fast as Shazier but has a bigger frame. And 'not as fast as Shazier', well.. He still is just as fast as the average NFL safety, so he definitely IS fast as hell for a linebacker. And as a gunner on ST, I'm not sure if anybody looks forward to blocking a dude his size moving at that speed

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