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Yup. Those were great. Now fans just figure that whatever coach talks the toughest and whatever team has the guys with the best daily fantasy points forecast will win. As a result all the talk is driven towards who is and isn't "elite" and what NFL team is "distracted" or not.

Meanwhile, if you search things out...they are out there...but not easy to find...some people are breaking down why teams are or are not winning football games. Oddly enough, they rarely mention fantasy points scored, locker-room distractions, cheerleader coaches, or any of the stuff spewed on ESPN, NFL Network, PFT, or Twitter.

Wish I could figure out if there was a connection there....

Here's an article written in June of last year that delves into this a little. I still miss the show contrary to what ESPN or the writer of this article thinks.

“The matchup show was on the air before I started at ESPN. If I do it or not in the future, it will still be a great show. There were times people said ‘The fans don’t care about those Xs and Os.’ That is bull! People care about football. We have so many shows on, uh, all television networks, that do nothing but have a bunch of guys throwing words out there. We use the video, we use the coaches’ tape on the matchup show. There’s a reason it’s the longest-running studio show on television, because of that. It’s unique, it’s different. People at the league, people at the network said it would fail, but here it is, the longest-running show on television, because people want more.”Jaworski then continued with a shot at screaming personalities.