‘We Gotta Stop The Freakin’ Run’

There is no one thing that Pittsburgh Steelers fans are hoping to see more of out of their team in 2018 than better tackling. The defense has been on a downward slide for the better part of a decade now in terms of tackling efficiency, having now gone from being one of the best in the league to one of the very worst.

The Steelers are quite aware of this fact, and both defensive coordinator Keith Butler and new defensive backs coach Tom Bradley talked about the need to work on their players’ tackling skills in order to improve the defense as a whole.

“We gotta stop the freakin’ run. I mean it’s as simple as you can get”, Butler told reporters yesterday as minicamp opened. “If you look at the whole last year, we missed a ton of tackles. Number one, we gotta tackle. We’re gonna work on tackling in training camp, try to improve it as much as we can, and if we are able to tackle better, all that stuff is gonna be cut down”...............

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