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But Timmons offers almost no upside as a player.

In 14 games last season he had 84 tackles, no sacks, no forced fumbles, no INTS, and according to more than one report struggling in the run game. PFF graded him as the #67 LB in the league.

In 14 games last season, Bostic had 97 tackles and a sack while earning PFF's #12 LB grade against the run.

In 16 games last season, VW had 8 sacks and an INT.

On a spectrum of Sean Spence ------ FSU UDFA -------- Matekavich -------- Bostic ------------ VW, 2018 Lawrence Timmons falls somewhere between Spence and Matekavich. At this point, Timmons has zero "upside" this kid from FSU is all upside. He has no draft cost. He has almost no cap hit. And he almost by definition has to be better than Sean Spence.

Lawrence Timmons was one of my favorite players for a long long time. But he is simply old, a step slow, and not getting much better any time soon.

Father Time remains undefeated.
Precisely my thoughts, I was going to make a post but you already laid it out lol.