Welp...I did it. I got talked into the ladies league at work and we did our draft last night. I pulled the 10th draft pick put of 12.

Since everyone else is a Bengals fan there, I made the comment that being a Steelers fan, I was used to picking at the end of the draft.

I did however, get Ben as my QB. Picked up Jordy Nelson and Greg Olsen and the Panthers D. I took Boswell as my kicker in case we haven't cured that red zone problem. I stashed Sammie Coates, Eli Rogers and Jesse James on my bench since at that point it was basically a crap shoot and nobody else there had a clue of the potential.

My shocker pick of the night was Joe Flacco. I figured he may manage a few moonballs on our bye week or Gawdforbid, Ben gets hurt. I didn't really have much to pick from at that point, anyway. I figured RGIII would be on IR by week 8.

My Mr. Irrelevent pick Rd 16..........the Steelers D!!!!!!!! Am I being a complete home homer by thinking they might be kicking some serious butt by midseason????

Anyhoo.....it's all fun and games. The real prize comes home to Pittsburgh in February!