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Thread: 2018 Opponents .

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    Re: 2018 Opponents .

    Quote Originally Posted by Craic View Post
    We can drop games that we're supposed to win. We can win games we're supposed to lose. QBs go down, players have bad games. These statistics are just off-season morsels to keep football fans talking football. Not worried about it at all.
    Here, here!

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    Re: 2018 Opponents .

    Jacksonville and Oakland are one in the same.

    It seems to be matter who they have at QB or what their roster is, or how bad they are, they'll rise up and make improbable and spectacular plays to beat the Steelers. The Patriots kick the Steelers ass due to Tom Brady. Jacksonville and Oakland pull some amazing magic against Pittsburgh. Wether it be a 5 INT game, a big fumble recovery return, or their Quarterback just going nuts.

    After last year, no one should ever be confident are going to win going into a game against Jacksonville. Ever.

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