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Thread: My alien joke

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    My alien joke

    I was having this conversation about the history channel in an airport about how it has jumped the shark and only talks about aliens with my girlfriend whom I am dropping off to visit her mother in Utah.

    When she departed for the plane, a man who looked like a Fabio model approached me and says I overheard your conversation and it's all true.

    Me: Really?

    Fabio Alien lookalike, oh yes, and before I disappear from your planet I can tell you more.

    Me: So I offered him lunch at a sushi place.

    Fabio Alien: No thanks, our species are highly allergic to fish, how about a burger instead?

    Me: Okay. So we sit down and he begins to speak...

    Fabio Alien: Our world has very few women, so we like to come to earth and visit to admire yours.

    Me: I suppose that's not much of a problem for you?

    Fabio Alien: Well as you can see our kind is tall, handsome, and has little body fat. Our planet is full of gold, and diamonds. And your cats seem to like us.

    Me: Wow, let me guess, the next thing you're going to say is you have a 7 inch penis.

    Fabio Alien: Actually my kind averages over 8 inches, and we have the ability to read the always changing female minds so they are seldom angry with us.

    Me: Perhaps this is why us regular earth guys never get the a hot chicks attention.

    Fabio Alien. Exactamundo! We do have one small problem though.

    Me: You have a " small " problem? And that might be?

    Fabio: Well, our sense of smell is very sensitive.

    Me: So?

    Fabio Alien: Uhhh, we smell with our testicles?

    Me: No shit?

    Fabio Alien: Mmmm, yeah that's part of our problem with your women.

    Me: Wait a minute! Shaking my finger at him with a big grin, didn't you say your kind was allergic to fish?

    Fabio Alien. ( Nods his head )

    Me: Hahaha, my friend are as F'd as a Lesiaban who doesn't like to munch the carpet. Best of luck with our women!

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    Re: My alien joke

    Was it that bad?

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    Re: My alien joke


    "Zeds dead baby, Zeds dead." - Butch

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