Change the rules!

1 ) Move kickoffs back 5 yards. Fans like to see the returns. Touchbacks are boring.

2 ) Let all 53 men dress. Why not?

3 ) Allow players to block field goals by jumping up near the goalposts. Hey, it would be exciting. Rejected!

4 ) Allow onside kicks to be advanced.

5 ) Allow any play that was not whistled dead to be reviewed.

6 ) Add a replay official linked into all cameras to " get it " right.

7 ) Move over time back to sudden death. Overtime used to be real nail biters.

8 ) Add in a 17th regular season game, and add in another by week. THe extra game is not a home game for anyone rather it's played in another stadium in the USA or Abroad.

9 ) Limit the pre-season game to an all rookie and 1st-year and second-year player game, and 2 other games.

10 ) Bring back the NFL Europe, and set aside a fund for a Europe high school programs where it makes sense. Once day I;d love to see Olympic American football.