Jake Guentzel looked down at his phone while still on the ice at Bridgestone Arena on Sunday night and studied the picture, taken a minute or two earlier, that he planned to post on social media. The screen displayed a photo of Guentzel with his parents and two brothers around the Stanley Cup, which the Penguins won over Nashville with a 2-0 victory in Game 6.

"What should I write?" Guentzel asked as he turned to his brothers.

"Just put 'Wooo!' " Ryan Guentzel, Jake's older brother, answered.

The Penguins rookie winger paused to give it some more thought. "Nice to meet you Stanley!!!" appeared as a post on his Twitter account with the picture shortly thereafter.

Throughout his debut season in the NHL, including the on-ice celebration Sunday, Guentzel refused to settle for good enough if he considered a higher standard attainable. And he relied on help from his family to reach rarefied air for a rookie.............

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