Nice video...Breer talks about it being one of the hardest hitting pre season practices he has seen in a dozen years

"In Latrobe, a roster showing more youth is practicing with a rare ferocity—signs of a commitment to push for another ring before Ben Roethlisberger’s window closes.

LATROBE, Pa.—The Steelers were still in stretching lines on Monday afternoon when the players broke into song, and the chorus of “Happy Birthday” was thick enough for the fans on the hillside at St. Vincent College to join in. Cut DeAngelo Williams a break, if he was a little embarrassed. It wasn’t actually his birthday, but his teammates have been belting that out to him every day to remind him he’s 33, old by NFL standards and ancient for a tailback. And you should understand too if the Steelers brass smiled at the sight.

No longer is seeing a player of that age so common around here.

The ripping-off-of-the-Band-Aid—moving away from the core that went to three Super Bowls and won two between 2006 and ’10—hasn’t been painless, but the process now is nearing completion. What’s left is to figure out whether the current nucleus, which still has some growing to do, can come close to the accomplishments of its predecessor."