By Christopher Harris

How will the upheaval on the Steelers' offensive line affect the fantasy value of the team's skill-position players?

On June 28, Pittsburgh Steelers tackle Willie Colon tore his Achilles' tendon while working out, ending his 2010-11 season before it ever began. Observers might look at that and feel relieved that Colon is a right tackle, the side where less-skilled offensive linemen (on teams with right-handed quarterbacks) tend to play. In Colon's case, however, that's not true. He was Pittsburgh's best offensive lineman, a relatively small player (315 pounds, which qualifies him as "small" by tackle standards) who nevertheless developed into one of the best run-blockers in football. And in '09, Colon also made himself into a serviceable pass-blocker. His loss is huge.

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