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Thread: People who annoy you?

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    People who annoy you?

    I wouldn't even know about this if it hadn't been for a black friend who showed me it. . Sorry if it offends, hope it's taken in the manner intended and gets a laugh. I nearly fell out of my chair when I first saw it.
    "A man's got to know his limitations."

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    Re: People who annoy you?

    That was kind of funny*

    * - no offense intended to black people or any other groups such as gays, lesbians, whites, hispanics, asians, jewish people, chinese, irish, italians, greeks, vikings, norseman, albinos, steeler coaches and players, politicians, smokers, drinkers, bald people, gamblers, priests, religiuos people, hoarders, asthmatics, fat people, anorexics, midget and dwarfs, people with digestive problems, bad breath, body odor or blondes who have been permanently hurt by being made fun of or called a derogatory name.

    oh...and very tall women named Tina...

    Of course the patriots deserve everything they get...


    It’s defined as “strength in the face of pain or grief,” but also in the actions of those who possess it.

    Courage is never quitting. It’s never giving up, never losing hope, even when others around you might have doubts.

    Courage is working on your own, day after day, to achieve a dream that seems so out of reach.

    Courage is believing, when others don’t.

    It’s having faith, when nobody else does.”

    ~ Teresa Varley

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