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Thread: Opinion on the 2 car draft at Superspeedways

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    Opinion on the 2 car draft at Superspeedways

    This Talladega and Daytona racing is terrible. I wanna know what everyone else thinks of it? It produces good finishes but Talladega used to be exciting for 188 laps and not just the last couple laps. I think that Nascar, by allowing these 2-car drafts to continue as opposed to the big packs(which were awesome!) is boring and will ruin the sport even more than it already has been ruined.

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    Re: Opinion on the 2 car draft at Superspeedways

    Trevor Bayne was very outspoken on this after yesterdays race. He was running with Gordon, and was forced by a manufacturers agreement to dump Jeff and team up with another Ford. He said after the race that he'd rather park his car and finish last than be forced to screw over someone he's worked with in order to fulfill some premeditated mandate.

    This two car draft bullshit has to end. There literally is no reason to pay attention to laps 1-186.
    Fire Goodell

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    Re: Opinion on the 2 car draft at Superspeedways

    I say just make these restrictor plate tracks a 75 lap shoot-out...what's the point? Did you see all the empty seats?
    thats unreal for the Dega

    GO MATT!

    Talladega sure sucked for Jimmy and Kyle

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