View Full Version : Steelers manage to avoid smelly journey home

09-26-2011, 07:42 AM
The Steelers faced two choices late Sunday night:

Find a way to beat a really bad Indianapolis Colts team that was without quarterback Peyton Manning and four other starters or carry home a heavy load of stench that would equal the batch they picked up in Baltimore in their 35-7 loss.

Give the Steelers credit for getting it right. Just don't give 'em too much. This 23-20 win was not impressive. It certainly wasn't "absolutely awesome," as coach Mike Tomlin called it. I'm guessing he might change his mind after he reviews the tape this morning.

"We don't care how it looks," Tomlin insisted. "We just want to get out of a stadium with a win. A road stadium. An AFC stadium.".............

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