View Full Version : The death of the Big 12...Super Conferences will soon be upon us

09-03-2011, 07:39 PM

Texas A&M is looking at other conferences, their most likely destination being the SEC. They want out of the "shadow" of the Texas Longhorns.

Oklahoma is flirting with the Pac 12, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State will follow the leader.

Texas will be left with the following choices:

1. Become an Independent, therefore keeping any and all proceeds from the Longhorn Network.
2. Join the Pac 12 and share the revenue.
3. Stick around the Big 12 and hope they pillage from other small conferences to stay alive.

I think they would go with Option #2.

This would leave Baylor, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa State, and Kansas State to either stay together or go ahead and join other conferences.

I can see the Big 10 wanting to go for Iowa State, Kansas State, Missouri, or Kansas. Hell, they could add all four.