View Full Version : Because There's Little Else To Discuss at the Moment, I'll Play Devil's Advocate ....

05-24-2011, 07:22 PM
Make sure you read that title twice. I'm taking a stab at this primarily because there will continue to be no major NFL news until June 3rd when oral arguments are heard in a St. Louis courtroom.

Also worth noting up front is the fact that I am like the rest of you -- I don't think the Pittsburgh Steelers will show any real interest or put any substantive thought into bringing back Willie Parker; I do however believe that it wouldn't be a terrible idea to invite him to training camp (assuming there is one). And finally, I'll go on the record to say that if Parker does get an opportunity to make a roster in 2011, he will exceed expectations.

Considering there are no expectations for Parker at this stage in his career, that might not be saying much. But I do think if he can make his way to camp with the right team, he will find a way to stick and conribute with the occasional carry in 2011.

A couple quick thoughts on why I see no harm in the Steelers bringing Parker to camp this year..........

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05-25-2011, 12:01 AM
I'm all for bringing Parker into camp, to absorb the inevitable season-ending training camp injury that Batch and one other player always suffers. Take one for the team, Willie.

Note: If J. Scott is still on the team, that's also an acceptable answer.