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01-19-2011, 07:28 PM
If you have a mobile device you know how annoying the Auto Correct feature can be. It changes words without rhyme or reason, and if you’re chatting with someone and hit “send” too quickly, it can really lead to some funny results. U can find more at

Be home soon. Do you want anything from whore foods?
If you're at whore foods I'll take something tall and blond.
But if you're at whole foods I'll take some peanut butter.

Can u come over in like 5 minutes to watch the kids?
Sure....where's John?
He's outside riding his bisexual
***BIKE! OMG! His bike..HAHAHAH
Yikes sorry I asked....haha

Shat does Megan want for her birthday?
get her the skin graft set
She is Hannibal Lecter now? WTF
LOL I mean the "skin care" we talked about from Macy's
Put the lotion in the basket!!!

Your mom and I are going to divorce next month
WHAT???? Why!!! Call me please.
I wrote Disney and this phone changed it. We are going to Disney

I'm at my holiday party. Woooo Feces Navidad!!!!
Wow. Talk about a party pooper....hahaha
:p I meant Feliz Navidat!!! Woops!

Testes! how many dongs we doing?
hahaha I'm not even going to fix that
That was hilarious. Auto correct win.

Dude do u wanna go to the staples with me.
Yeah I guess, what r u buying
I need a deeper Dick
Bro I don't even wanna know
Fuck. Desk. Not Dick. Chris. This phone
I have this puny shallow desk and it's too small
Yeah the first step is denial.

Heyyyyyyyyyyy what are u up to?
Not much. I'm just defecating outside.
Eweww. Why? Are your toilets broken?
LMAO. No they're fine. I' DECORATING outside. Christmas lights
Ha. Good I was starting to worry.

I just figured out hot to use cock slap on my iphone! (kinda feel dumb)
Ummmmmmmm. What?
HOLY SHIT! I mean: Capslock (kinda feel really dumb now)

I can't concentrate today. I don't want to be here!!!
Totally. I know.
Is john cumming in his cubicle? The sound is driving me nuts!
OMG. What are u hearing?
Bwahahaha ***humming. No cumming. Ewwwww
Please pass the brain bleach

This made me laugh so much
I just choked on my penis
Pretzel *** WTF
LMFAO Dammit iPhone 4

Todd wants a new camel whore for christmas. Not sure one to get him. So many options. Any ideas?
WHOA. What's a camel whore and what type of "options"?
Hahah. I mean camera bag. I cannot believe it corrected to camel whore!!! How embarrassing. He is NOT getting any type of whore for Christmas.

For Christ's Sake stop leaving the bloody tampon!!
What??? Where!!?!?!
LMFAO. The bloody lamp on, in the bathroom. Not the tampon. Laughing so hard I can't breath.
Ohhhhhhh my God I was like WTF? I have my period so I was totally mortified. LMAO

I just wanted to say. I love you!!
O babe. I love u too. So much
IF I could, I'd buy u a casket
GAH! A castle! Damn auto correct. Way to ruin a moment.
I definitely do not want you in a casket.

I miss u, are u coming to bed soon?
Yes coking up in one sec!
Coking up? WTF?
What r u, Lindsay Lohan now?
ahah. Sorry babe. COMING UP, not coking. there will be no coke

Guess who just got their ass pounded!
I don't know but tell me there's video
OMG GROUNDED I mean GROUNDED I hate this phone.