View Full Version : Pittsburgh Celebrates Stanley Cup Victory

06-15-2016, 05:43 PM
The largest sports parade in Pittsburgh's history greeted its Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins on Wednesday.

With fans 20 rows deep, some packing a large parking garage and others leaning from office building windows in downtown Pittsburgh, the Penguins brought the Stanley Cup down Grant Street and the Boulevard of the Allies.

Allegheny County executive Rich Fitzgerald said he was told the crowd was the largest celebrating a sports championship in the city's history, which indicates it outdrew the 375,000 that attended the Penguins' parade in 2009.

The players reveled in the raucous environment, particularly rookie forwards Bryan Rust (http://penguins.nhl.com/club/player.htm?id=8475810) and Conor Sheary (http://penguins.nhl.com/club/player.htm?id=8477839).

Rust and Sheary each hopped from their respective trucks and excitedly stumbled over their words while speaking with local media. Sheary cut his interview short by apologizing, saying "I have to go catch my ride" and running away while pumping his arms.

"This is a little bit more [than he expected]," Sheary said. "These fans are crazy. It's awesome."

The Stanley Cup was the star of the show, of course.

It first appeared in Evgeni Malkin (http://penguins.nhl.com/club/player.htm?id=8471215)'s truck. Malkin's father Vladimir, who is extremely popular with Penguins fans, first hoisted the Cup before his son. It somehow made its way to captain Sidney Crosby (http://penguins.nhl.com/club/player.htm?id=8471675)'s ride........

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