View Full Version : Pascal Dupuis: Why We Play the Game

05-31-2016, 05:48 AM
One leg was twice the size of the other. It was a few hours before the game. We were in Edmonton last November. I was warming up in the hallway, doing some band work, some quick-feet stuff. At some point I looked down and saw that my right leg was really swollen.

When you are dealing with blood clots, this is the moment you always fear. Your body is betraying you. You canít deny it. You canít fight through it.

I took my equipment off and put on a tracksuit to go to the hospital to get checked out. As I was walking out of the locker room with the doctor, one of my teammates gave me a hug and just broke down in tears.

ďNot again, Duper. Are you kidding me? Again?Ē

Thatís the moment I realized that I needed to draw the line. People werenít just worried about me playing hockey. They were worried about me playing with my life............

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