View Full Version : Barkley rips LeBron, Heat

08-12-2010, 04:24 PM
Charles Barkley Rips LeBron, Miami's Big Three as 'Punks'

Charles Barkley weighed in Wednesday on a recent Twitter statement by LeBron James. Barkley, a TNT analyst and former NBA All-Star, said he hopes James remembers Barkley's critical comments and called a couple of James' more significant actions this summer "punk" moves.

"I heard about LeBron's little tweet today that he's remembering everybody who said anything bad about him," Barkley said Thursday on ESPN Radio 103.3 FM in Dallas/Fort Worth. "And he said 'everybody.' Well, I want him to make sure that he puts my name on that (list).

"I thought that his little one-hour special was a punk move. I thought them dancing around on the stage was a punk move, and I thought he should've stayed in Cleveland. Him joining Dwyane Wade's team was very disappointing to me." (continued at link)


08-12-2010, 04:34 PM
And how many times did Mr. Barkley very publicly squawk to be traded in his fruitless quest for a ring? I remember at least two times vividly. I don't like LeBron James and I think he's a major league punk and a media whore, but people in glass houses....